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2020 Top Workplace in San Antonio by the San Antonio Express-News

South Texas Renal Care Group is proud to announce that we’ve been named a 2020 Top Workplace in San Antonio by the San Antonio Express-News . We’re thrilled to have been included on the list for the SIXTH consecutive time, and we are so thankful to our employees who make this recognition possible. At STRCG we value […]


Dr. Arias: Operating Safely During COVID-19

During the “Operating Safely During COVID-19” event hosted by the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, STRCG Nephrologist Dr. Carolina Arias talked about COVID-19 and the differing levels of risk of exposure based on activity. Thank you to The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for the invitation to speak at the event and to […]

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Diabetes, Depression, and Kidney Disease

Depression has been linked to a wide variety of mental health conditions. It is a complex mental disorder that can result in suicide, killing millions of people across the globe. Many people only think that depression can affect their mental health. However, there have been extensive studies conducted to ascertain the correlation between depression and […]

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Stress and Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in the United States. According to, 37 million people are affected by the disease in the country. That amounts to 15% of the adult population. Shockingly, 90% of those people don’t even know that they have kidney disease. Alone, kidney disease must be treated and […]

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Your kidneys serve an invaluable function in the human body. These organs filter your blood, a vital component that maintains equilibrium in your body. Without working kidneys, your blood essentially becomes contaminated. After this, you won’t be able to survive without either regular dialysis treatments or a complete kidney transplant. Being that the kidneys are […]

STRCG Takes The Pledge!

STRCG Takes The “Greater, SAfer, Together” Pledge!

Mayor Nirenberg has updated the emergency health declaration by adding mask requirements for businesses. South Texas Renal Care Group has taken the “Greater, SAfer, Together” pledge to support this initiative. The pledge requires the use of face coverings by employees and visitors and asks businesses to commit to other health and safety protocols including physical […]

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Lupus Nephritis Causes and Symptoms

If you are visiting this page, it likely means you or a family member have been diagnosed with lupus nephritis (lupus in the kidney) and you’d like to learn more about the condition. Lupus nephritis isn’t a complicated condition to understand. This guide will answer all of the frequently asked questions surrounding the condition. Continue […]

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Dialysis 101: Understanding an AV Fistula

Dialysis is a treatment option used by people diagnosed with end stage kidney disease. Depending on the condition, dialysis can be both a short and long-term treatment option. Oftentimes, dialysis is negatively portrayed as a painful and unenjoyable experience. This is actually far from the truth as technology has developed to make dialysis treatments convenient […]

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Understanding Vascular Disorders

Vascular disorders are common in men and women throughout the United States. These disorders take place in the body’s vascular (circulatory) system, which is responsible for carrying lymph and blood through the body. Any disorder within the vascular system is extremely dangerous because it can disrupt the process of transferring blood throughout your body. With that said, […]

Dr. M. Reza Mizani - South Texas Renal Care Group

Breaking News: Dr. M. Reza Mizani Appointed to Statewide CKD Task Force

BREAKING NEWS: Congratulations to South Texas Renal Care Group Founder & CEO, M. Reza Mizani MD, PA, for being 1 out of the 16 selected by Governor Greg Abbott to serve on The Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force! Together, Dr. Mizani and the other appointees will be responsible for coordinating and implementing a state plan […]