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Your Source for Comprehensive, Compassionate Dialysis Access Care

Total Vascular Care at South Texas Renal Care Group

South Texas Renal Care Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for those with a wide range of kidney conditions. In keeping with our commitment to meeting our patients’ needs, we offer a full-service vascular access center called Total Vascular Care, in which we perform screenings, establish vascular access, and manage/maintain the access site over time.

About vascular access and dialysis

Vascular access is an essential component of dialysis treatment. The access is a surgically created vein that is used to remove and return blood during dialysis. There are two types of vascular access for long-term use — the arteriovenous (AV) fistula and the AV graft. A third type of vascular access, called the venous catheter, is for short-term use.

Vascular access should be established weeks or even months before your first dialysis treatment. Once the access is in place, dialysis can be performed wherein the blood goes through a needle, and then travels through a tube that takes it to the dialyzer. Inside the dialyzer, the blood flows through thin fibers that filter out waste and extra fluid. The machine returns the filtered blood to the body through a different tube. Vascular access lets large amounts of blood flow continuously during dialysis treatments to filter as much blood as possible per treatment.