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South Texas Renal Care Group Patient Stories

Some of our patients have graciously volunteered to share their experiences here:

Nick discovered his kidneys were failing. His whole life turned around on him, but after receiving a kidney transplant and the compassionate aid of Dr. Mizani, he is back living the life he loves.

Out of nowhere, Dolores discovered her kidneys were failing. At first, Dolores was upset about having to start dialysis, but after Dr. Butt compassionately discussed her situation with her, Dolores’ life has significantly improved.

Julia has had diabetes for 28 years, and it eventually took its toll on her kidneys. Although she was upset, Dr. Broumand has taken great care of her and helped her live a more normal life.

“The doctors and staff at South Texas Renal Care Group have been great. They’ve helped me manage my kidney issues and stay healthy. I recommend these doctors, because I know what they’re capable of doing. They are there for you and have a great focus on patient care.” – Julia R., patient

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