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South Texas Renal Care Group is made up of highly experienced and caring physicians with a wealth of specialized experience in kidney care. Each day, they combine their knowledge and expertise with a genuine passion for helping patients successfully manage kidney disease and its related conditions.



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Reza A. Ali, M.D., joined South Texas Renal Care Group as a nephrologist in 2018, expanding the renal expertise of this distinguished group of kidney specialists. Dr. Ali believes the art of medicine lies in being able to navigate the complex clinical circumstances of each patient…

Since joining South Texas Renal Care Group in 2012, Dr. Arias’ areas of focus include management of systemic diseases that affect the kidneys, electrolyte abnormalities, acid/base balance, hypertension, acute kidney failure, and chronic kidney disease. She is passionate about empowering her patients…

Since 2008, Dr. Broumand has been an integral part of the South Texas Renal Care Group team. In addition to ensuring his patients receive the best care, he is dedicated to educating the community on causes and prevention of kidney related illnesses to create healthier futures.

When it comes to treating his patients, Dr. Esteban Cedillo-Couvert believes that establishing trust and understanding is just as important as state-of-the-art technology and medical advancements. Dr. Esteban Cedillo-Couvert has dedicated his career to creating the best health outcomes for individuals with kidney problems.

Dr. Pavan Devulapally has vast experience in internal medicine and has served as a nephrologist since 2014. Dr. Devulapally takes a personalized approach to kidney-related health problems by taking time to fully understand the patient’s condition and how they are feeling. He takes pride in seeing his patients…

Dr. Carl Dukes was born in Chicago, Illinois, and obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Rochester and completed his residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center. He completed his fellowship in Nephrology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston​…
Dr. Abhijeet Goyal was inspired to become a doctor at a very young age, when he was treated with the highest level of compassion during a serious illness. Since then, Dr. Goyal has dedicated his career to providing quality care for each of his patients. He has been part of the South Texas Renal Care Group team since 2010…
Dr. François Jo-Hoy, MD is a Board-Certified Nephrologist at South Texas Renal Care and the Medical Director at the USRC Maverick County Dialysis Facility in Eagle Pass, Texas. He obtained his Medical Degree at the University of the West Indies Trinidad and Tobago. His residency was at the University of Florida and he obtained his…

Dr. M. Reza Mizani is the founder of South Texas Renal Care Group. Recognized by Scene San Antonio as one of the area’s Best Nephrologists, Dr. Mizani has centered his career on improving the health of the San Antonio community. Through his personalized approach to healthcare, Dr. Mizani…

Dr. Ragi Phillis is a board-certified Nephrologist deeply dedicated to
enhancing healthcare. His specialization encompasses Chronic Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Acute Kidney Injury, driven by a commitment to advancing treatment through innovative research. He places great importance on providing tailored care to kidney patients and their families, reflecting his compassionate and unwavering approach.

Dr. Steven Rosenblatt brings more than 40 years of experience to South Texas Renal Care Group. He served as a Flight Surgeon in the U.S. Air Force for 2 years and was a Clinical Associate Professor at the University Health Science Center in San Antonio until 2005. Dr. Rosenblatt believes that you need to listen to the patient and provide a sense of hope to his patients.
Shirin R. Sharma, M.D. is a transplant nephrologist at South Texas Renal Care Group. With vast combined experience in general practice and nephrology, Dr. Sharma treats her patients with the utmost expertise and personalized care.

Dr. Saqib Syed takes an intimate approach to kidney care by taking the time to get to know each patient personally, not just address their medical condition. To Dr. Syed, there is no greater joy than knowing he has helped alleviate the suffering caused by kidney disease. His special interests include…

Dr. Lauren Tarbox joined the South Texas Renal Care Group team in 2008 because she wanted to be part of a medical practice where doctors treat patients like family. She has been a resident of San Antonio for over a decade and dedicates her career to providing quality care to individuals in the area with chronic kidney disease.

Dr. Luis E. Vélez has been part of South Texas Renal Care Group since 2009. Dr. Vélez has a passion for helping others and commits his time in the office to identifying the best medical solutions for each of his patients with kidney disease.

Dr. Zafar has been part of the medical community for over twenty years, specializing in dialysis and nephrology. He has a passion for healing and goes above and beyond to help each of the patients he sees.

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