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South Texas Renal Care Group – We Care For Kidneys

One of our main responsibilities at South Texas Renal Care Group is to care for our patients and care for kidneys.

Dr. Mizani

If you dedicate yourself to hear what the problem is, you perhaps could change the quality of life and longevity of life for that particular person. It is really a story of hope.

Our Doctors Care

– We care for kidneys.

– We care for kidneys!

– We care for kidneys.

– We treat patients like we would wanna be treated. So they really feel like they have a family outside of their own family.

– I love my job. It’s a great group to work with.

– I think our staff go above and beyond.

– The best part of my job is interacting with the patients and their families, and watching people get better.

– As far as I can remember, being a physician was the only thing I ever wanted to do. I have a passion for medicine and a passion for my patients.

– We are a compassionate group of doctors. I really wanted to help people. When I was very young, I got very sick. And I lived in a very small town in India, and the doctor there took care of me 24 hours a day. He would not leave my bedside, and that passion really drove me to become a good doctor.

– These are among the brightest guys that I’ve ever met.

– We work to provide a lot of hope for our patients.

– It’s very rewarding.

– There’s tremendous amount of compassion goin’ on from the beginning, from the moment you arrive here ’til the moment you leave. The mission of this practice to begin with was create a medical practice where the patient is the center. At the same time, apply the most advanced medical knowledge that there is in this field. And also, utilize technology to its fullest.

What South Texas Renal Care Provides

Nephrologists, also called a renal physician, also called a kidney doctor, they treat the kidneys disease from A to Z.

South Texas Renal Care has a very comprehensive level of care which starts from regular evaluation of patients with chronic kidney disease, hypertension, kidney failure, different modalities of dialysis, as well as a very active kidney transplant service.

By far, the most common cause of kidney failure is diabetes, and then high blood pressure.

Dialysis Helps Clean The Blood

When the kidney is no longer able to function to maintain life, we are very fortunate to have dialysis. And dialysis works as a kidney to help clean the blood and to help remove fluids, so that way we can maintain life. At South Texas Renal Care, we try to ease the transition into dialysis as much as we can. We follow our patients very closely in our clinic and try to individualize a treatment plan for each one of them. When a patient requires dialysis, we urge them to follow a very strict diet in order to maintain their health. It requires drastic lifestyle modifications. At the very least, dialysis requires four hours three times a week for a total of 12 hours.

An interventional nephrologist can access patients’ vessels. Without a dialysis access, there’s no dialysis, there’s no life.

Typically, when your kidney function gets less than about 30% is when we decide that we need to put the access in. And the access for dialysis is typically in the arm. We have it in early, and it’s just sitting there and waiting until that decision is made to start you on dialysis.

Outpatient Services

We also provide quite a bit of procedures that are traditionally done in the hospital as an outpatient. And hope is make the life of the patient better, increase the quality of life so they don’t have to spend a number of days in the hospital.

Primary care physicians can identify those patients that develop renal failure, refer them to a nephrologist, and we can help them prevent the progression. I speak Spanish, I speak English, so I have the opportunity to help people. “Queremos cuidar tu riñon”

Kidney Transplant

Once a patient reaches end stage renal disease, which is defined as a kidney function of less than 20%, the patient usually winds up waiting about five to six years for a deceased donor kidney. There’s actually no wait time for live donor kidneys because there’s no wait list. Essentially, if a patient has a potential live donor that is compatible, it is only a matter of scheduling the surgery.

By working directly with the Christus Transplant Institute, our goal is to facilitate kidney transplantation, which, as we know, is the ultimate cure for kidney failure.

A lot of our dialysis patients that obviously want to pursue transplant will be going to the Transplant Unit, and there, also see one of us, a familiar face. That continuity provides a peace of mind for the patient and the family.

Patient Testimonial

These guys are sharp. They’re efficient, not only well-mannered, and well-disciplined, and on time, and all the things that a lot of people find important, but they know what they’re doing and have an excellent set of connections with all their referral sources in the city. If you gotta be on dialysis, this is the place to do it. Road blocks are common on the way to transplant, whether it’s living or cadaveric, and Doctor Mizani and Doctor Broumand pushed ’em out of the way. The difference in my life now versus dialysis is a full order of magnitude different. With the transplant, I could easily live 20 to 30 years. I could not be more satisfied with the medical care I’ve received.

Doctor Communication and Clinics

I think South Texas Renal Care is like a family. All the doctors work together. It doesn’t matter who assists the patient one day, the other day, because we all talk to each other. And we all want to deliver the best care that we can.

The combination of having a personal doctor, yet be in a group where you have comprehensive resources, it will make a tremendous impact in the life of that patient.

We’re able to communicate through Patient Portal, which is a web access where they have direct contact with their charts. If they want to e-mail, change their prescription, change an appointment, ask a physician a question, they can simply send an e-mail and get a response within 24 hours.

We have various dialysis clinics throughout the city. Depending on where the patient lives, we can provide them the clinic that is near to their home so that they don’t have to travel far.

Patient Testinomial

I was originally diagnosed when I was 10. So growing up, you know, I didn’t actually feel good. But when you are always not feeling good, you think that it’s normal. My sister donated her kidney. But once I got the kidney transplant, it was like 180 degree change. I just feel great. I’m able to do things now. It definitely has changed my life.

How South Texas Renal Care Group Helps

I love working as a physician. When you get someone, a patient, better, you feel so good.

Having a research division is extremely important in any practice.

Clinical trials are drug experiments that help expand choices for patients and physicians to choose.

When a patient comes here, I don’t just do a procedure. This is not a factory. This is a very care-oriented, compassionate practice. Many times, my own kids ask me “Dad, but you’re not here,” and it breaks my heart. I try to teach them that what I do, it really helps other folks, other families, so there would be a mom and dad for them. Every day I wake up, I’m thinking about how else can I do things better, how can I impact patients’ lives. Remain humble. Take care of the patients one by one. I’m very passionate about what I do.

– We care for kidneys.

– We care for kidneys!

– We care for kidneys.

– We care for kidneys.

Comprehensive kidney care at state-of-the-art facilities

South Texas Renal Care Group offers everything from diagnostic testing and dialysis to guidance on kidney transplantation and clinical trial opportunities, right here in our modern, comfortable offices. We have many locations throughout San Antonio and South Texas, so you can spend less time traveling and more time focusing on your health.

Dedicated to meeting your individual needs

At South Texas Renal Care Group, you have our undivided attention every step of the way. You’ll receive the expert treatment you need and the personal care and attention you deserve.